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Almaty's Notary Altynay Makesheva
«In the face of Notary we choose ourselves the mediator in justice, the guarantor of legitimateness, the creditor of reliability and the guardian of achieved».

Welcome to the site!

Notary Altynay Makesheva is the member of Almaty's Notary chamber and provides notarial actions stated below from 14th of July, 2003, acting on the basis of state license № 0001439 dated 27th of May, 2003, issued by the Ministry of justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  notarial certification of copies of the documents;                                                                                                                                                                      notarial certification of copies of the documents;
  notarial certification of power of attorney;
  notarial certification of authenticity of signatures on documents: statements, Corporate charters and bank documents with authorized signatures and seal impressions;
  notarial certification of last wills and testaments;
  notarial certification of deposit agreements and other various contracts;
  notarial certification of foundation agreements;
  notarial certification of marriage agreements;
  notarial certification of surrogacy contracts;
  notarial certification of sale and purchase contracts of a participatory interest in the charter capital of Companies;
  notarial certification of trust management contracts;
  notarial certification of alienation agreements (gift agreements, agreements of sale and purchase of real estate and transport vehicles;
  notarial certification of documents' translation (Russian, Kazakh, English and Turkish languages);
  notarial certification of prize drawing in sales promotions and lotteries;
  other notarial actions under the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, inclusive of last changes of legislation;
  notarial and legal consulting.

About Notary

 Notary Altynay Makesheva graduated from Kazakh State Law University in Almaty in 1998 with major in "Government Service and Public Law".  Her general work experience as a Lawyer more than 19 years, and as a Notary more than 14 years.

  Was awarded Certificate of Honours by Almaty's Notary Chamber in 2006, 2012, 2013 and 2017.

  Received letters of appreciation from major local and foreign companies for more than 14 years of service rendering.

  Fluent in Kazakhstan and international legislation.

  Works with the most difficult branch of family law - certifies surrogacy contracts.

  ENGLISH and TURKISH speaking Notary: fluent in English and Turkish, and therefore works with foreign clients without interpreters and confirms accuracy of documents' translation from English and Turkish to Russian and Kazakh languages and from Russian and Kazakh languages to English and Turkish.

  Provides notary services with financial documents: fiscal receipts, cash receipts, invoices and the acts of work performed.

  Notary services with attendance is possible for legal entities.

  Legal entities can pay for Notary services by non-cash payment.

In order to manage mutual time effectively, you can make an appointment by phone or e-mail.

Clients with prior arrangement are served in priority.

Work schedule:

11:00 - 19:00 (Monday to Friday)
Lunch break 13:00 - 14:00
(Saturday, by appointment)
Sunday - off

Address: Almaty city, Kunayev str., building № 38/61,
corner of Makatayev str., 1st floor, office №1.

Car parking is available across the building.

Telephone + 7 (727) 354 - 11 - 58,

Tel./fax: +7 (727) 244 - 12 - 06

Mobile: + 7 701 523 60 44

E-mail: notaryaltynay@gmail.com

Skype: altynay88888888

+7 701 523 60 44
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